Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Artistic Services

Hola! Welcome to My Blog!

My name is Vania Vargas and I studied Industrial Design, which means that my main training is to create products that are susceptible of being produced by human hands and machines in a work shop or a factory. It means creating something from the idea, to the materialization of the product or 3D. (From the thought to your hand!).

I can also design in 2 Dimensions which means to create something in virtual or real paper, something that you can see but not touch to show or promote something. This is called Graphic Design

I can design from 2D to 3D and create for you Customized works like:
Business CARDS, Posters, Menus, Logos, Buttons, Flyers, Labels, Web Pages, Photography: PICTURES (Restorations of old, broken, scratched pictures, take pictures of products, of people), Create customized Art (like Repousse work with Aluminum Foil and Acrylic paint), Paintings, Drawings, cartoons, custom silver jewellery design by order and more!:)

I am also an Independent Associate of Usana Health Sciences. I tell you this in case you are interested about investing in your own business. This is all about Health, Wealth and related to help people, in order to improve their lives while being your own boss and manager, improving your health and economy too. For more Information about this visit:

I will show you some samples of works done before for different companies and people:

-Theatre Plays advertised by Posters. 2007.They were created to promote 4 Plays at the same time written by different Actors in Vancouver, Canada.

For this Event also were designed tickets and post cards. We printed 100 11" x 14" posters.

Business Cards for:
Luis Javier. Actor. 2007. Vancouver.Canada
Web Pages for more Info about him:

For him I have created his Blog, CD's Covers and Labels for his Demo Reels.

-Latino Soy Square Button 2008. Created to Celebrate the 15 years of The Radio Program Latino Soy on 96.1 FM.
For Latino Soy also were created more promo buttons for his Children Festival and his Charity Events.
Vancouver, Canada.

Ole Ole Mexican Restaurant Ad to be published on a Promotional Catalogue of Products and Services for The Mariachi Event in 2008.
Also for this Restaurant were created business cards, menus, flyers and signs as part of the Business Concept (2006). New Westminster, BC, Canada.

Pictures taken for Thesis to promote Jewellery Product's package. Also for this product and Company name were created a Logo, a Web Page, Labels, Containers, silver jewellery models and a Catalogue in 2001. Mexico, Toluca.

I have worked with silver, wood, ceramic, plastics, metals, papers, cardboard, sketching materials, tools.

Art works:

Aluminum Foil and Acrylic. Materials mixed as my own idea of creating a Repousse work combined with a background of acrylic paint. The first work created with this technique was done in 2006.

Vancouver, Canada.

With the Repousse technique I have sold more than 30 frames, including Zodiac Signs, Angels, Animals, People, Logos, cars, flowers, etc.

I have decorated bottles, candles, mirror frames, wooden boxes, I have made decorations for walls, doors, furniture using this aluminium material that keeps shinning forever.

Sterling Silver jewellery:
I have created bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, decorations for wedding shoes, pins, chains and sets mixed with different materials, like leather, ribbons, clay, high temperaure ceramic, beads, murano glass, etc.

Material created from 2001 to 2005.

The jewellery was made by order. They were designed, produced, packed and sold mostly by myself and my sister Diana Vargas.

I have designed and produced also "Alebrijes" made in Mache Paper.
I can design Customed Artistic Alebrijes for you.



If you would like to know more about any other work that you think I could design for you, just tell me what is you area of interest and send me an e-mail to get you a fair price, I can also send you more pictures as sample of my work. My e-mail is:

For example:
If you want a graphic design for 100 business cards I can charge you $1.50 per minute worked. Plus the printing of your cards either in Color ($40) or in Black and white ($30).
I can get your cards done in one business day If Urgent or regular in two.

Thank you for Checking out my Blog.
PS: Please also send me your feedback about my work so I can improve!

About my works...

Note: Just for your knowledge, the 95% of the works showed on my web page, were designed and made (usually by hand with hand tools and different techniques for each material) with a lot of hard work until get them in photo file. Their pictures were taken also by me. Thanks for taking a look at my work.

Vania Vargas :)